Part One:Coastal Collection, a limited edition print included in A2B

One of the items included in each of the 500 special edition A2B boxes is a delicate, blind-embossed, intaglio print - a fragment of the larger Coastal Collection print, which Robert made with Graal Press in 1998. Each of the new fragment prints is unique and is presented, within the A2B box, in an archival sleeve.

These are works in their own right, ready to be framed.

Robert had a long working relationship, and friendship, with master printmakers Carol Robertson and Robert Adam at Graal Press, who are very generously producing the special edition fragment prints for A2B at their print studio near Roslin, Midlothian.

Robert Adam makes some test prints from the plate of Robert Callender's Coastal Collection (1998), at Graal Press. Robert would like to stress that the plate had not been properly cleaned for printing!

Photographic shoots at Sea Loft, for A2B

Robert's archive contains a huge volume of photography and documentation, along with research materials from his long career - selections from which are being used withinA2B.

But in order to do justice to Robert's range of work - from large free-standing pieces of sculpture to delicate drawings on paper - new photography was needed.

Photographer Angus Bremner visited Sea Loft, Robert & Elizabeth's studio, at the end of 2014 and at the beginning of 2015, to shoot a large number of pieces - many of them in the surroundings in which they were created.

Find below a few pictures taken as work was prepared to be photographed.

With thanks to Rachel and Joseph for all their assistance.