It's here!

All elements of the publication have now been delivered to Sea Loft; the bespoke A2B boxes have been carefully packed, with each now containing 30 individual items.

We are launching the project at Sea Loft, Kinghorn (Robert and Elizabeth's studio) this Thursday, 4th June from 5-8pm. Copies of the edition will be available for purchase, or for collection by Patrons. Let us know if you would like to come:


An editor's journey...the production of A2B : testing the box and its content

This week we received a final sample of the finished box, which will house all the items in the A2B edition ; in total there are more than 30 individual items. Tim, our designer, also made 'dummy' versions of the pieces - several books, archival prints, fold-outs, mini prints - so that we could see everything together, in the box. Subscribers will also find enclosed a DVD and limited edition intaglio print.

Below are a few pictures to show how the publication is coming together. This is a really exciting stage in the production of such a complex publication - it allows us to see what's working (and what isn't!). We can now also iron out the little things, that can inevitably only be seen when handling a physical version - even when the paper stock and bindings are not the actual finishes.

It was quite emotional for Elizabeth, to see this almost real version of the edition - she has been working on A2B since Robert's death in 2011, and had also discussed it with him before he died.

The boxes have now been ordered, and the team is making final additions and changes to the content - it is a bit of a jigsaw puzzle when working over so many different formats.

A2B has become a beautiful, rich collection - Elizabeth says much more so than Robert would ever have imagined.

With sincere thanks to all those who have supported the project over the last three and a half years, and also to those who have pre-ordered a copy of the edition in the last few weeks.